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Van Eck Industrial Hygiene B.V. has a team of specialists that are always looking for new techniques and solutions concerning vermin problems. Examples are The Thermokill method and Fossile Shield.



If you have any questions concerning an animal plague, or you want to identify an unknown animal, you can always contact us. You will also receive advice regarding termination.

To get the animals identified, send us a few unharmed specimen, carefully packaged, accompanied by a note stating:

Your name, address, e-mail address and phone number, location where they are found and how many, a detailed description of the circumstances in which you have found the animals.

Identification is usually free of charge, but it is possible further investigation needs to take place on site, which will take place after approval from the customer.

Research for solutions.

If you have been plagued by vermin for some time, or you are under the impression your current pest control specialist is not capable of solving the problem, we are able to do so in most cases. A first inspection can be executed without any obligation to you.


 General research.

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne BV bezit een netwerk van bedrijven en instanties die ons ondersteunen in het vinden van oplossingen. Enkele voorbeelden hiervan:

  • Knowledge center animal plagues . For an independent research or check of implementation of work, Van Eck Industrial hygiene B.V. cooperates with the only independent Dutch foundation regarding pest control. When required we can obtain their services.
  • The imperial institute for health and environment RIVM.  We have been closely cooperating with this institute for quite some time, regarding research into (contagious) animal illnesses. The past year a number of black and brown rats have been researched for possible animal illnesses, these researches have a continual nature and we now know about a number of illnesses how they can be spread by these animals.
  • Research into the solution for pests Kwetters. A number of institutes in The Netherlands, as well as foreign institutes have proceeded you in asking them their questions. Whether it concerns pests or advice regarding improvement of your pest control action plan, we can assist and support you.
  • Research into alternative methods. Using chemicals is increasingly a hot item. However chemical treatment is not always necessary as proven by our Thermokill method. Together with our client we look for the best solution and consider alternative methods for getting rid of the pest.
  • Thermokill

  • Contaminated goods. Despite your accurate production process, it is possible a product is contaminated with vermin or their feces. Van Eck Industrial Hygiene B.V. can help you determinate the contamination, find the source of contamination and offer you the solution to prevent this in future. Naturally all investigations will be handled discreetly.
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