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Disinfection is in Van Eck Industrial Hygiene B.V.’s genes. The almost 20 years experience ensure there is a solution for every problem. Among the possibilities are fogging, spraying and heating. There is a solution for each type of corporation.

A short summary of the possibilities is listed below.

Tailored solutions

-       Spraying: using a disinfectant, diluted with water the entire area is sprayed wet.

-       Fogging: a so called “dry disinfectant” where the disinfectant is made into a misty fog by fogging equipment. The entire barn is reached.

-       A combination of spraying and fogging: when a more thorough disinfection is required a combination of both methods is applied. Immediately after the wet disinfection the dry disinfection takes place..

-       Turbofog: the Turbofog is specially developed to be able to disinfect larger spaces effectively in a short time. The Turbofog is able to fog upto 1500 liter an hour. This method is now mostly used in greenhouse farming, but is also used in large stables or buildings..

-       Burning floors: floors are often a source of (re) infection. That is why a proper disinfection of the floors is extremely important. Specially for this a burner with a width of 4,5 meter has been developed, that will heat the floor for a short period of time killing all micro-organisms. This technique is usually applied in chicken en turkey farms.

-       Thermokill: Heating an empty barn for at least 48 hours to a ground temperature of 42 °C, killing basically all micro-organisms.


Van Eck Industrial Hygiene B.V. has various pesticides in its assortment. We will discuss with the customer what the best solution is for the situation at hand. 

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