Flushing pipes for the best water quality.

Water is an important factor in animal health. Water quality has an influence on the health and the performance of poultry. For broilers, with a relatively short growing period, the water quality has influence on the performance and health from the first day. Water pipes are the ideal breeding ground for contaminations, especially at high temperatures.

Regular cleaning of water pipes is required. The unoccupied state of a stable is the moment for a thorough cleaning of drinking water pipes. In stagnant water and with rising water temperatures due to the higher stable temperature a bio-film occurs at the inside of the pipes. This layer of micro-organisms influences the quality of the drinking water and promotes the development of undesired germs like salmonella and E-coli.

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne sends alternating air and water pulses through the pipes using specially developed equipment causing the contamination to come loose. Pulsation goes one step further than disinfection, which only kills off the outer layer of the bio-film. After the pulsation the pipe is disinfected with disinfectant. With a final concluding rinse, the pipe is ready for use.