One common goal: producing salmonella-free

Salmonella is an important disease agent for humans. If animals get infected, production losses occur. The sector has been working for years to prevent salmonella. On layer poultry farms salmonella enteritidis is an increasing problem while in the slaughter industry in a number of companies salmonella java is a recurring problem. To finally become free and remain free of salmonella it is of great importance in case of infection to carry out the measures suggested by the government correctly.

An important part of mitigating the risks is controlling and managing the infection pressure around the stables. After all, the larger the distribution area, the easier new introduction may be the result. Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne can help you with drawing up a plan of action:

 1.     Stocktaking and risk analysis and evaluation.

2.     Prevention of the spread on farm.

3.     Disabling pests as disseminator.

4.     Adequate disinfection.

5.     Prevention of recontamination through operational measures.

Thanks to our years of experience of various farming systems we can quickly arrive at a plan of action together with you, which eliminates all pests (rodents, red mites, Styrofoam beetles etc). Subsequently, we will continue with combined wet and dry disinfections, floor burning, Thermokill to fight the salmonella. After this disinfection we introduce various preventive measures to prevent new introduction. With this working method we achieve the goal: producing salmonella-free.


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